Every minute a home is robbed. By the time you finish reading this second or more homes will be robbed. There are different types of home security systems. The security solutions Malaysia helps to deter burglaries.

There are different types of security cameras available in the market now,

  1. Monitored Security System – This is the most popular security system for homes available in the market now. There are two types of monitored security systems – self-monitored security system which includes sensors door sensors, security cameras, as well as sirens that hits notifications on the phone when triggered. And, secondly, Company monitors the security system which includes motion sensors, door sensors,  motion detectors, cameras, glass-break sensors, loud sirens to catch intruders, and silent alarms which are controlled and operated by the company’s Professionals or Professional organization and Personnel.

The self-monitoring systems now come with mobile applications that will allow you to monitor your home through your phone and other mobile devices. 

  1. Unmonitored security system – This is another type of security system that helps in protecting your property. This system works when the alarm rings or the sound of the alarm comes. It also includes sensors whether it is door or motion, detectors either motion or smoke, cameras, alarms, and control panels. All of these can be installed by yourself or by a professional of an organization.
  2. Wireless security alarm system – This system includes as the like name suggests alarming security without wire. Because this system is wireless and easy to upgrade and change. This system includes detectors, sensors, cameras, alarms, and the main control panel. It is easy here in this security system to move devices and add new devices to the system.
  • There are no wires to cut by thieves as it is a wireless home security system that is difficult to disable because there are no wires attached between the control system and another device.
  • You can easily operate this wireless security system through your smartphones. You can easily check your home security system without the need to connect any device from another device.


  1. Wired Home security system– These wired home security systems connect to an alarm from a wire. All entry points of your home will be connected to a wire with the main controlling device along with detectors and sensors or to the other security devices.

These wired alarm systems provide a more trustworthy connection than wireless systems because the main connected device knows the real-time status of each device within the system but as compared to wireless it has the risk of disconnecting or cutting wires by thieves but other than that this is a too secured and safe system of security for commercial and residential purpose of safety and security.


So these are the types of security system that protects your home from everything and safeguard the properties of your home. When you place a security  alarm system Malaysia or CCTV in the main corners which will be visible to everyone instead of private corners, you’re warning potential robbers and thieves that your property is professionally and officially guarded and protected. Hence, it wouldn’t be easy for them to rob your home. The stickers and signs of having CCTV at your home are excellent at sending out the message that your home is fully guarded and someone away from home is watching the audio-visual camera from their way (smartphones)  so that thieves can be alerted and not rob anything and this security system must be utilized as recommended by the security company. So you should have safety when you have these above-mentioned types of security systems or CCTV at your home.


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