Good Vs. Bad Backlink – How Monitoring Tools Can Help?

Backlinks are important for the success of your SEO strategy. A backlink is a link that your website receives from other sites. They act as a chain linking one site to another. Some chains are reliable and strong, while a few are rusty and neglected.

Backlink resides as a hyperlink on another website, which connects to your webpage. Search engines use backlinks as a trust vote while ranking. Using a correct link-building strategy helps to build your website authority.

Good backlinks

The outbound link that is relevant and got from an authoritative platform is regarded as trustworthy. The stronger the outbound links pointing to your site indicates that there is valuable and helpful information for users. Google concentrates on offering users the best experience, so it prioritizes relevancy, authority, and quality.


  • Links from high domain authority website
  • Links from high-traffic websites
  • Links from high page ranks
  • Links occurring naturally
  • Links including anchor text with crucial keywords [link text]

Bad backlink

Google prefers quality and not quantity. A few clues that the backlink is spammy include coming from a single site, the link is hidden behind some colors or punctuation marks, and links from suspicious [off-topic] discussions are regarded as bad or toxic backlinks.


  • Links from irrelevant websites [from a used car to a podiatrist]
  • Links from explicit content sites
  • Links from spammy or unethical sites
  • Links from unrelated niche
  • Unnatural links purchased or solicited
  • Links from link farming practice
  • Broken links
  • Use of multiple links

Today, backlink quality and relevance matter, so it is crucial to monitor your website backlinks. There are multiple premium tools available. If you are a newbie to SEO and have a limited budget then try the backlink monitoring tools mentioned here.


It doesn’t matter if your priority for backlink monitoring is to clean bad backlinks or find new opportunities or spy on competitors. Linkascope helps to attain any SEO goals. Manually checking and evaluating backlinks can be tedious, boring, and time-consuming. Choose this user-friendly backlink and website monitoring solution.

You can perform backlink analysis using crucial metrics like backlink volume, referral domains, and top linked webpages. Compare the figures with your competitors and set your benchmark. The URL Shortener tool allows condensing links and sharing them directly via embedding in anchor text.

Services like uptime monitoring, outgoing link monitoring, internal link monitoring and incoming link monitoring means staying on top of SEO.


The tool allows for search optimization and backlink analysis. The results are uploaded in a readable table format. Reviewing the backlink numbers and sources regularly helps to identify spam attacks and toxic links. All the low-quality or spammy links can be exported in Disavow section and submitted to Google Search Console.


Backlinks can be evaluated using different parameters. The tool alerts you as soon as new backlinks visit your resource or your competitor’s website.

Google penalizes sites with a sudden escalation in backlinks or abundance of commercial links or prevalence of low-quality donor websites. So, it is essential to monitor backlinks for relevance and quality!


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