Know how do you get 500 Followers on Instagram

There is something about Instagram that seems more authentic than anywhere else. Probably, it’s the community or the fact that the platform focuses on creativity and great visuals. Or it’s the simple, yet elegant UI and design of the app. No matter what the reasons are, Instagram is an amazing place to form your community. Turn your hobby into a profit-making business.

Most people love Instagram due to the fun that it gives, regardless of the number of your followers. To find loyal people/customers interested in you or your brand, you don’t need to have thousands of followers. Once you have high engagement on your posts, you are halfway there.  Yet, the number of your followers is important f you want to enhance and monetize your account. The more followers you have in your account, the better features you can access.

The most vital Instagram milestones you must know

  • Milestone #1: Reach 100 followers

If you’re new to Instagram and just starting your profile. Reaching 100 followers is the first Instagram milestone you need to focus on. This is not difficult to achieve, especially if you post great quality content and use hashtags consistently.

It might sound like an odd number yet reaching 500 followers must be your main priority once you achieve 100 followers. Why 500 followers is important? Once you have 500 followers on your Instagram profile. You can properly use an amazing feature that could help you boost your profile, hashtags in Instagram stories.

  • Milestone #3: Reach 1000 followers

This milestone is an important part of your journey on Instagram. Although you will not access any new features, still this milestone is important for your benefit. Having a lot of people interested in your profile is not a simple task.

  • Milestone #4: Reach 1000 followers

It is not a short-term task to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram and have the Swipe Up option. This is the most Instagram milestone that people want to achieve. Once you reach 10,000 followers, you can add links to your stories and that’s a great deal. Yet, unlike the three vital milestones above. Getting 10,000 followers on Instagram needs dedication, time. Also, use the appropriate methods for your accounts.

Buy Instagram followers

Getting a lot of followers on Instagram might be an easy task for popular people, yet for some, it is not that easy. Once you’re just new to Instagram, it’s hard to gain credibility if you don’t have many followers. That is why some decide to buy followers.

Sites to best buy Instagram followers:

  • offers packages if you like to buy Instagram followers of 100, 500, 1000, or a custom rate. This is a great service since you can begin low, by buying some hundred followers.

  • Stormlikes

Another trusted and reliable service for buying Instagram followers is Stormlikes. It offers immediate delivery, 24/7 support, real people, and a wide range of payment options to fit your preferences.

  • Social-Viral

This has the same service as wherein there’s a range of packages you can choose in buying real Instagram followers.


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