Privnote – Keeping your messages secret and temporary

Once you put something online, it is difficult to ever fully erase it again. What if you want to communicate privately without leaving a trail? That’s where a clever platform called Privnote comes in. The notes use state-of-the-art encryption to keep their contents secure. Recipients only access them via unique URLs that serve as decryption keys. After someone reads a note, it gets automatically deleted from Privnote’s servers so no trace remains. It allows for secret communication that doesn’t stick around permanently.

Why temporary messages?

how to protect text in word? There are many reasons you may want your messages to disappear for good after being read.

  • To share confidential info (like passwords) without it being retained.
  • For giving feedback that you don’t need a permanent record of.
  • To make sure private thoughts don’t linger after serving their purpose.
  • Communicate secretly without long-term evidence of the conversation.
  • Preventing ideas from spreading beyond their intended audience.
  • To retract access to a message if you change your mind later.

Privnote empowers users with control over how long their info is accessible. You get to decide when something private should vanish into the ether. Privnote uses state-of-the-art encryption algorithms to secure notes. The contents get encrypted on your device before being transmitted. Only the recipient decrypts them using JavaScript in their web browser. Not even Privnote’s servers view the original unencrypted data.

No data retained

Privnote’s servers don’t retain any copy of the decrypted notes – only the ephemeral encrypted ciphertexts with their short-lived decryption keys. Once a note expires, the ciphertext gets deleted too. No user data or message history builds up over time. When you access a note, Privnote logs only the bare minimum metadata needed for its internal operations – no IPs, no usernames, and no info about which note you viewed. Long-term records that could reveal contacts or associations are avoided.

Forward secrecy

Privnote uses a new asymmetric encryption keypair for every note, rather than reusing keys. This ensures past communications can’t be compromised even if a key somehow gets cracked in the future. Forward secrecy protects your privacy over time. By default, notes expire after being read once. Users also set expiration times from 1 minute up to 7 days. Privnote keeps track of expiration status so notes automatically self-destruct on time.

Hackers, insiders, and government agencies potentially access old communications even years later and piece together detailed profiles of users. Privnote counters this trend by minimizing long-term data retention in messaging. The service embraces the philosophy of ephemerality and allows users to cleanly “turn off the tap” when it comes to recording private conversations.

Privnote pioneered the concept of private expiring notes on the web. It gives users granular control over how long their messages stick around. You securely share private thoughts, confident they will vanish into the ether rather than spread permanently. While no system is infallible, Privnote’s unique approach aims to make secret communication possible without leaving a trail behind. If you value privacy and contextual integrity of conversations, Privnote is worth exploring.


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