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Michael Grzesiek, dubbed “Shroud,” is a former CS:GO pro and a Polish-Canadian streamer.

Shroud is a gaming legend known for his pinpoint accuracy, adaptability, and laid-back attitude. He began his career by competing for many ESEA teams, eventually signing with CompLexity (Cloud9) in 2014, and then shifting to streaming multiple titles. Click here to know about what mouse does shroud use

His equipment, like the Shrouds’ game selection over the years, has been upgraded to keep up with the times.

We’ll go over all of the latest technology and hardware that has helped him achieve his millions of subscribers in the sections below.

What kind of setup does Shroud have?

Shroud uses what monitor?

An Alienware 27″ Gaming Monitor is used by Shroud. This Full-HD, 240 Hz monitor was built for professional tournament play. It is now Team Liquid’s official monitor, and it can be found at League of Legends global esports events.

The AW2721D clocks in at under a millisecond response time, which can make a big difference in highly competitive games. NVIDIA G-SYNC technology eliminates screen tearing by transmitting data far faster than other leading displays, resulting in a smoother-looking action.

The Alienware stand is made of premium materials and provides a rock-solid foundation. It allows you to rotate and tilt the screen in any way, making it simple to select your preferred viewing angle. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for any e-sports fan trying to improve their skills.

Shroud uses which mouse?

The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition is used by Shroud. The G303 Shroud Edition was created in partnership with Shroud himself and is one of the fastest and most reliable mice on the market. It has a Hero 25K sub-micron sensor that provides great accuracy and precision.

The G303 Shroud Edition is significantly lighter than the usual 100g mouse, weighing only 75 grams. The less weight improves mobility and makes flicking and gliding around a breeze. You’ll notice the change right away, especially if you’re an FPS gamer like Shroud.

Another major selling point of this mouse is its Lightspeed wireless technology. The G Pro X Superlight overcomes typical wireless latency, connectivity, and power limits by leveraging a 2.4GHz receiver to give an ultra-fast 1-millisecond report rate connection.

Shroud uses what keyboard?

The Logitech G Pro X is used by Shroud. The compact design of this premium “Tenkeyless” keyboard stands out, as do the user-swappable “Romer G” switches. The size reduction has been “proven” and is designed for competitive speed, precision, and silent operation.

When it comes to keyboards, comfort is paramount, and the Logitech G Pro does not disappoint. The ergonomic bezel on the PBT “double-shot” keycaps reduces Shroud’s chances of missing a key, and the stand offers three levels of adjustability so he can find his ideal angle.

The Logitech G Pro, like other current keyboards, has dynamic RGB backlighting that allows you to customize different lighting effects. It connects through a detachable “Type-C” USB that can poll at 1000Hz and transmit data at the greatest frequency possible.

Shroud’s Headset:

The Logitech G Pro X is what Shroud uses. Shroud is a fan of cutting-edge headphones, which is why he considers this piece of equipment to be important in his setup. It has an esports-grade “Blue VOICE” microphone, passive noise reduction, and professional gaming communications.You can bet on comtac 3 for good headphones.

Shroud benefits from the 7.1 surround sound system’s outstanding audio quality for better positional awareness while playing. If he needs to make changes, he can use the Logitech software to download pre-made EQ profiles or develop his own to save for tournaments.

Unlike other similar manufacturers, this headset is constructed of lightweight, robust aluminium with a classy appearance. Additionally, the earcups are made of a breathable leatherette material for maximum comfort. When it comes to this headset, high quality is an understatement.

What kind of microphone does Shroud use?

Shroud employs a Shure SM7B, a professional studio microphone with a suspension shock mechanism that protects the user’s voice from mechanical disturbances. Shrouds’ supporters can hear him clearly thanks to the wide frequency response (50Hz-20kHz).

Another wonderful feature of this mic is its high-end noise reduction technology. It works by retaining the natural beauty of the sound while reducing any external noises that degrade the overall quality. As a result, the SM7B emits a sound that is instantly recognised.

Despite the fact that it is more expensive than other mics, the build quality is likely to last a lifetime. Once you’ve heard about this product, you’ll realise how many other well-known streamers use it.

You won’t need to buy any additional components because the Shure SM7B comes with a pop filter and a windscreen.

Shroud uses which microphone mount?

The RODE PSA1 Swivel is used by Shroud. This studio microphone mount rotates fully 360 degrees and takes up no more space. It includes a built-in spring mechanism that is exceptionally smooth and makes altering the angle a delight.

The thin, robust frame can support even the heaviest microphones, including the Blue Yeti. The boom arm allows you to keep a comfortable distance between your mouth and the microphone, ensuring that you always get the optimum sound while maintaining a natural posture.

The Velcro ties that come with the packaging to fasten the cables to the arms’ construction prove that this Rode PSA1 is ideal for folks who enjoy cable management. You will not be dissatisfied with this mount in your setup, just like Shroud. It’s a high-end product with a high-end build.

Shroud uses what kind of mousepad?

The Logitech G840 XL mouse pad is used by Shroud. This 3mm thick high-density foam pad is significantly larger than competing offerings. To offer superior overall control and pixel-precise targeting, the big textile surface has been tailored for gaming sensors.

Most people overlook this piece of gaming equipment, but Shroud understands the importance of getting his setup properly. When starting or ending a quick movement, the mild surface friction provides just the appropriate amount of resistance for low-DPI operations.

The larger the mousepad is in terms of size, the more room the gamer has for large sweeping mouse motions. He can make all of the mouse motions he needs with the Logitech G840 XL’s expanded 900mm x 400mm surface area.

Shroud uses what kind of camera?

Shroud’s webcam is the Sony Alpha a6400. The impressive low-light sensitivity of this 24.3 MP mirrorless camera, which adjusts to ISO 32,000, is one of its standout characteristics. Shroud can capture a high-quality image with significantly less light than a standard webcam.

The Alpha a6400 is about half the weight and size of a normal DSLR, making it an excellent webcam for streamers. Shroud can effortlessly control the 4K video recording over Wi-Fi, ensuring high-quality footage for all of his admirers.

You’ll need an HDMI adapter-converter to utilise your DSLR as a webcam. This USB input device enables recording from an HDMI source. Your camera’s HD signal can then be collected, recorded, and uploaded to any website.

Shroud sits on which chair?

Herman Miller Embody is used by Shroud. This renowned ergonomic mesh office chair offers unparalleled comfort and adaptability. Shroud can modify the lumbar, armrests, seat height, and neck support with ease thanks to various remarkable features.

The Aeron features a high elastic, yet resilient, suspension seat backrest instead of firm pillows, as do other racing chair types. It helps to absorb vibration so he may stay comfortable for several hours, thanks to the “tilt mechanism” technology that syncs with his body movement.

Because of the porous mesh backing, the sleek design provides excellent airflow, keeping you cool and sweat-free for long periods of time. Look no farther than the Embody if you’re looking for a high-end chair with excellent ergonomics, a robust build, and fantastic aesthetics.

Shroud employs which Case?

MAINGEAR Vybe 2 is used by Shroud. Shroud’s pre-built configuration includes this futuristic ATX enclosure. The front panel has an addressable RGB logo and a huge tempered glass window on the side.

A number of vents on one side of the front panel allow the front case fans to be properly ventilated. On the other hand, the power button and all of Shroud’s front ports are easily accessible on the other side. Three USB 3.1 ports, one USB 3.1 Type-C port, and two 3.5mm jacks are among the ports available.

The dimensions are 17.00 x 19.00 x 8.25 inches (W x D x H), but that doesn’t mean it’s heavy when completely loaded. The legs raise at the corners to assist Shroud in moving it around.

Shroud uses what motherboard?

The ROG Strix X570-E Gaming is used by Shroud. Due to its AM4 socket, this powerful ATX motherboard supports dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 4800MHz and the latest second and third generation AMD Ryzen processors.

The Asus ROG X570 base plate is the ideal foundation for anyone starting a project. It’s reinforced to bear the weight of increasingly heavier pieces, but it’s also slimmed down by removing unnecessary material. Both the front and back of the shirt feature the trendy Hero logo.

Shroud has full control over how much power he distributes to different gear in his system because to the CPU’s power design, which incorporates both digital PWM and Smart Power Stage controllers. This helps him to extract the greatest performance from his AMD processor.

Shroud uses which processor?

Shroud’s PC is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor. Without a fast processor, a Twitch streamer can’t design an effective gaming PC. The AMD Ryzen 9 has 16 cores and 32 threads, allowing it to produce as well as gaming.

To run demanding games smoothly, state-of-the-art processors must be able to keep up with high-level graphic cards. The Ryzen 9 does this by including an inbuilt hyper-threading mechanism that enhances performance.

Another consideration when shopping for a good processor is overheating. Because it has an inbuilt heat spreader, the Ryzen 9 runs cooler than other processors. As a result, heat dissipation is improved, and this test is readily passed.

Shroud use which graphics card?

EVGA’s Geforce RTX 3090 is used in Shroud. This card’s NVIDIA “Turing” design outperforms other GPUs by up to six times. Shroud can run games at the highest level of realism when used in conjunction with the cutting-edge Ray Tracing (RTX) technology.

For all-powerful consumer graphics cards, particularly the GeForce RTX 3090, overheating is a major concern. It does it by utilising a new 240 mm Hybrid cooling system, three PWM cooling fans, and a heat sink to attain some of the lowest temperatures conceivable.

Another interesting feature of this card is the “NVIDIA Ansel” technology, which allows you to take breathtaking 360-degree HDR screenshots in the game. The 3090 is currently one of the best graphics cards available for 4k/60fps gaming.

Shroud uses how much RAM?

Shroud’s system has a 64GB HyperX Predator. This DDR4 3200MHz RAM boosts your system’s performance, making it easier to play games.

The RGB customization feature on the HyperX Predator allows you to personalise the illumination. This RAM may be suitable for those who use a glass casing. It’s simple to match the colour scheme of your other RGB gaming components in your setup using the native software.

Shroud can adjust and improve the overall efficiency of his gaming PC by using “XMP profiles.”

What is the value of a Shroud setup?

Shroud setup is believed to be worth $15,000!


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