These days we have so many photographs and records on our telephones and PCs it’s difficult to stay aware of where and when it was stored away. Arranging and putting together your photographs is a tedious and tiresome job that relatively few individuals have opportunity and willpower to do.

No one wants to lose any of their photographs as there are such countless recollections put away in every one so backing up your telephone, PC or smart gadget is fundamental. Sadly, this isn’t a task that many individuals can be bothered to do, however now there is something that can do this for you, creating more opportunity and time for you to add to your photograph assortment.

Here we will have a concise glance at what ThePhotoStick does, however in the event that you might want to see a full in depth review of it, click this ThePhotoStick link.

What is ThePhotoStick?

Essentially, ThePhotoStick is a little, thumb USB drive that examines your records to track down the photos and consequently downloads them to the drive when connected to your PC.

The drive can store up to 60,000 photographs and protects them in its memory. After all it is a lot simpler to recuperate your photographs from a functioning USB drive than it is to retrieve them from a temperamental hard drive in the event that your PC has abandoned you.

The drive is viable with Linux, MAC and Windows operating systems and it’s accessible at an entirely reasonable cost.

You could have the opinion that this drive simply sounds the equivalent to any USB drive that you currently own, however ThePhotoStick or PhotoStick is programmed to scan your whole hard drive for all photographs, even those you might have lost incidentally. The product is likewise fit for looking for documents and video recordings also. All of this occurs surprisingly fast.

What size memory does it have?

ThePhotoStick comes in three distinct sizes, the littlest is a 8 GB drive fit for putting away up to 3,500 photographs, the following size is a 64 GB drive with the capacity of holding up to 30,000 photographs, lastly you have the biggest which is a 128 GB drive fit for stockpiling up to 60,000 photos.

All PhotoStick’s are accompanied with a built in application that assists you with rapidly finding and moving each piece of media you wish to store.

Take a look here to see ThePhotoStick in action.


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