Where should you start your website designing from?

If you do not have a proper website design, you will lose your audience and lose sales and brand identity. Thus, having the perfect blog design is crucial for the blog’s growth. Having a good blog design will help you increase your conversion, boost credibility and establish you as an expert in the field. Check out website design Penang for all your website design requirements.

Start with the home page.

The first section that you should focus on should be your website’s home page. The home page is the first thing an audience sees when they enter your website. You have around 3 seconds to draw the attention of your visitor before they feel tempted to navigate away from your website. Thus, you must ensure that you use these three seconds to the maximum advantage.

  • Make sure that you have a banner image that is professional and conveys the message of your blog. A banner image can go a long way in improving the blog’s credibility.
  • You must have a tagline on the home page that showcases what your blog is all about. The slogan must be catchy yet small so that it can successfully grab the visitor’s attention.
  • Navigation should be top-notch. When customers or audience comes to your blog, they should be redirected to exactly where they need to go. Your responsibility is to ensure that the links are adequately visible on the home page so that the audience knows where they have to go next.
  • Your home page should also be a reflection of your personality. Your blog is an extension of yourself, and this should be reflected on the home page.
  • Most people prefer to share the content they like on social media. Therefore, make sure that your blog has social media sharing buttons so that audiences can easily share content on social media.


You must be careful with the theme of your blog. The type of theme you select can see a lot about your brand. You can choose to use the pre-made themes that are available online. However, if you are working on a blog for a company, it is best to build a theme from scratch. Your theme should reflect the colours of the brand’s logo. Contact web design Panang for all your blogging requirements.

Focus on the styling.

The style of your blog determines your brand identity. Go for a theme that is responsive and has contrasting colours. A contrast in colours allows your user to easily distinguish the links from the text.

About us

The next section that you should focus on is the about us section of the blog. The about us section is where you will give your brand’s history to your customers. They will know why they should trust you and why you are the authority on that specific topic. About a section is where you get to build a relationship with the audience. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly.


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